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DVD : üNN + osa = strom
(© 2004 general electronic music / elektrolux)

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tracklist 'üNN + osa = strom' (running time : 39:06) :
harmonic / discordant
if we could be stars

tracklist 'üNN live' (running time : 54:25) :
stars (intro)
three pilots
this time tomorrow
repeat (extro)

tracklist 'making of / interviews' (running time : 17:25) :
1. osa
2. marcus claussen
3. isabell richter & kai dreker
4. simon harfst
5. eva foitzik
6. l.exx aurel
7. üNN

total running time : 1:50:58

all songs written & produced by frank rückert at 184.8 üNN.
additional remix production on all tracks of the üNN live performance by frank rückert.
published by ICM/Hanseatic
all videos of 'üNN + osa = strom' produced during summer 2003 at tu darmstadt,
fachbereich architektur - video workshop strom
osa - office for subversive architecture

üNN is the solo project of frank rückert.
he is a music & video producer and also performs live as a VJ in clubs and at festivals.

osa is a group of architects & urbanists developing projects between art and architecture on the background of social implications of urban space. often this means to 'invent' a new meaning of an existing, aged or obsolete environment, i.e. trying to give the right answers to the wrong questions. the tools osa are working with are adopted (and than adapted) from other disciplines like music, film/video, sculpting, painting, graphics, sciences etc.; the used material is our social environment, built or not built.
the group was founded while the members were studying architecture to increase the range of their tools. the network-structure of the group - today spread over europe: frankfurt/darmstadt, berlin, vienna, and london - is intended to involve different temporary partners.

osa.strom = niclas brand, marcus claussen, kai dreker, britta eiermann, eva foitzik, mona fröhlich, simon harfst, alexander von hoessle, andres krause, oliver langbein, reza mohebbi, anja ohliger, isabell richter, frank rückert, anke strittmatter. workshop sponsored by jvc professional, apple computer & maxon

DVD authoring and postproduction 'üNN live' by frank rückert
'making of' interviews by dr. pamela c. scorzin
'making of' translation by bernd trümpler & karsten huneck

many thanks to ulrich beckefeld, markus gasser, markus pretnar, caroline reder, pamela c. scorzin, tu darmstadt, fg stadt, rechnerpool, centralstation

special thanks for live camera to marcus schmahl & osa

all videos of 'üNN live' produced by frank rückert, except
'fear' produced by stefanie schwedler
& frank rückert, thanks to stefanie
'scanner' produced by osa, thanks to britta & oliver
'three pilots' produced by
osa & frank rückert, thanks to Oliver

all videos of 'üNN live' remixed by frank rückert

üNN + osa = strom :

üNN - sphere
video by niclas brand + osa.strom

üNN - feedback
video by mona fröhlich & andres kraus + osa.strom

üNN - reopen
video by l.exx aurel + osa.strom

üNN - harmonic / discordant
video by eva foitzik + osa.strom

üNN - if we could be stars
video by marcus claussen + osa.strom

üNN - dice
video by reza mohebbi + osa.strom

üNN - recovery
video by isabell richter & kai drekker + osa.strom

üNN - someday
video by osa + osa.strom

üNN live :

üNN - starlight (live)

üNN - reality (live)

üNN - summerksy (live)

üNN - three pilots (live)

üNN - scanner (live)

üNN - fear (live)

üNN - overflowing (live)

üNN - this time tomorrow (live)

üNN - passengers (live)

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Elektrolux about this DVD :

Since being founded in 1995, Elektrolux, last but not least thanks to its TV platforms
'Space Night' and 'Flowmotion', has always been a downright visual label.
One of the most important Flowmotion artists, Frank Rückert aka üNN, centers the 'Strom' project by which Elektrolux dares an innovative bridging with room designing New Media even stronger than before.

In the course of a student project of the Technical University, Darmstadt, the skilled computer scientist Frank Rückert, inherent part of the international Techno Club scene also because of his VJ work for Sven Väth, Pascal F.E.O.S., DJ Hell, Monika Kruse and many others has chosen eight tracks from his previously released albums 'Delay' (1999), 'Relief' (2000) and 'Electronic Music' (Mikrolux, 2002) to be transformed into video clips by students of architecture.
'Electricity' has been chosen as the corporate motive of the OSA ('Office for Subversive Architecture') workshop not just as an electronic metaphor, but as an allegory for urban networks and moves referring to society and areas of unspoiled nature as well.

"It makes a difference whether you also produce the video for your own music, because you definitely know what the tracks are about. But the final results have made a deep impression on me as I experienced a great sensitivity with all persons involved when it came to transform my music visually in an emotional and rhythmic way." (Frank Rückert).

This way, the video of 'If We Could Be Stars', shows streets and places of Frankfurt illuminated in a breathtaking stroboscope between day and night, while the stampede of the 'Feedback' girl reminds you of the best moments of 'Lola Runs' without the protagonist ever finding her destination.

The videos represent a more than adequate transformation of üNN's music which defines the interface of a modern understanding of Elektro with experimental ambient soundscapes like no other.

The DVD is completed with a live recording of üNN taken at the 'Central Station', Darmstadt, in November 2003, putting 11 remixes of his tracks visually supported in a congenial way directly to the dancefloor as well as a comprehensive 'Making of' featuring interviews with many persons involved.